At the helm of The Spiritual Company, is a group of teachers who have
been handpicked and trained by Prasad. They have been chosen to take
his legacy of Reiki and transformation ahead in unique ways.

Outspoken, out-there, often outstanding

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    As a “channel to spread the beautiful work of Reiki, and touch a stranger’s life with love”, Aashish has been a Reiki teacher for 6 years, with an experience of many seminars behind him. As a part of modern corporate life, his seminars are known to bring solutions to handling stress in day to day living.
    Aashish is married, with a son, and is an Associate Director with a Loyalty Company.
Gentle outside, giant heart inside

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    As a Reiki teacher for over three years, Amresh opens his heart to people, possibilities and life. He brings a lot of simplicity and innocence into his seminars, creating a deep comfort level with the students. To him, Reiki is “almost like living life with a map” and his seminars are all about finding inner guidance for a better life.
    Amresh is married, with a daughter, and is a Design Professional based in Dubai.
Happiness grows when it radiates

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars, Therapeutic Foot Massages, EFT (by Dr. Gary Craig), and Self-Help Courses with Naturopathy, EFT and Acupressure meridians.
    Jigisha believes in laughter and the joy of experiencing simple pleasures of life. A healer and therapeutic foot masseur by profession, Reiki is an integral part of her life and way of living. Her seminars are all about embracing Reiki as a means of improving and enhancing life; and her healing sessions go a long way in rejuvenating energies.
Look out for that happy outlook

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    Full of warm energy and a never-say-die attitude, Mitesh brings excitement and joy into his Reiki seminars. Having been a Reiki teacher for 6 years, he is always breathing love and compassion into his teaching. He is driven by instinct and goes with the flow, humbled by the miracles that happen around him.
    Mitesh owns a jewellery store in the heart of Mumbai.
Things ‘art’ so beautiful

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    Passionate about life, lover of detail, loving and sincere, happy and ‘crazy’ being a Reiki teacher has simplified the way Mugdha approaches people and situations. This essence flows into her seminars as well as they are also focussed on creating a lot of peace and relaxation.
    Mugdha is married, mother to a daughter and a Design Entrepreneur based in Dubai.
Merry-go-round, strong and sound

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    Becoming a Reiki teacher has infused stability, has made Muskan realise her Higher Purpose, and be a channel to spread Reiki. Muskan is a basket full of unexpected things and the Reiki seminars she has been conducting over the past three years are packed with lots of relaxation, positivity, fun and vibrant energies.
    Muskan is married, mother to a son, and is a Customer Development Professional based in Dubai.
No ‘impossible’ in her dictionary

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    Being a Reiki teacher enables Punitha to unfold what she calls a “onetime solution to beautify life”. In just two years of teaching Reiki, she has taken several seminars across the country. Coming from a corporate background, Punitha turns her seminars into an effective means to find relaxation amidst a busy life.
    Punitha is married and is a Resource Manager for a Leading IT Company.
It is everything or nothing

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    Rahul has been a Reiki teacher for 6 years and is an entrepreneur by profession. An exciting contradiction, he seems straight-faced, and yet can break out into a spontaneous laugh. This enables him to infuse high-energy into his Reiki seminars, helping create a link between everyday life challenges and the deeper self.
    Rahul is married, with a daughter and is a Technology Entrepreneur.
Little acts of simplicity make a big heart

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    In 6 years of being a Reiki teacher, Sachin has used the beautiful energy to reach more and more people as a channel of healing, with humility. For him, being a Reiki teacher is magical and comes with ownership and responsibility. Thus, his seminars inspire you to connect with yourself in a very simple and effective manner.
    Sachin is married, with a daughter and is a Banking Professional.
Quirky, curious, and Harry Potter-crazy

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    Slovakian by birth, Sonia is a “nomad on an eternal quest for truth and beauty”. Becoming a Reiki teacher two years ago helped Sonia face her strengths and weaknesses effortlessly. Her seminars are light, and easy to connect with – where those who learn become friends on a shared journey, teachers to learn from.
    Sonia is a Yoga Teacher by profession.
Easy way of life, twisted sense of humour

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    Mix eccentricity and wit with love and care, and you get Suhas – qualities that he beautifully breathes into his seminars. As a Reiki teacher, he is a student ‘for’ life, sharing his Teacher’s work with the world. “I am a better person than who I was, when I started out as”: he says, just as much as those who attend his seminars do.
    Suhas is an HR Professional.
Head and heart, heart and soul

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars
    If one person can be a mix of fierce ambition and gentle loving care, it is Sumit – Reiki teacher for over two years and many seminars behind him, and a number-crunching professional at work. His seminars are all about improving health, increasing productivity, more happiness and living a better quality of life.
    Sumit is married, with a son and is a Private Equity Investor by profession.
Nutty messenger of love and warmth

  • Courses offered: Reiki Seminars, Counselling for Children & Adults
    Trained as a Reiki teacher at a young age, Varsha has conducted numerous seminars in 6 years of being a teacher. Being a counsellor by profession, she instils a lot of compassion and care in her Reiki seminars, working with people at various levels. Her seminars are deep, yet fun and light.
    Varsha is married, and is a Child Psychologist and Counsellor.